5 May 2020 Tuesday

Started by KathyB, May 05, 2020, 01:05 pm

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It is a lovely Tuesday afternoon, and I have nothing to report. I am sitting here waiting for UPS to deliver the printer I ordered. I'm also waiting for chicken to defrost. So eventually I am going to have a productive day printing documents and cooking chicken for dinner, but right now I'm just waiting

I have been doing some window shopping at Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond, looking to spend the tax refund that I'm not getting. :( I guess the positive news is that I don't owe any penalties other than $5 to the state for missing an estimated payment. Did I mention that it's lovely outside? It's in the 60s, which is just the right temperature for walking around without a coat on, but not warm enough to get sweaty (unless you're running somewhere).


The printer is great! I printed out my >:D ing income tax, and it automatically duplexed!

It is not extremely fast, but it's fast enough for what I need it for, and I managed to connect two computers to it wirelessly and print from both of them!

Now I just need to see if the chicken is defrosted.