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Started by scenicdesign71, May 07, 2020, 12:27 am

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This looks very interesting:

Partly I'm intrigued by the Pirandellian gimmick of Chekov characters wanting out of the gently depressive stasis (or, as suggested here, the latent cruelty) of his plays.

Even more so by the formal experiment, bringing together theatre, film and gaming/interactivity. (It looks to me as though this group may, in the crucible of this past year,  have made more progress than most along these lines).

But perhaps most of all -- because, without this, I'm not sure I'd find those other two factors quite as persuasive -- by the sheer visual polish evident in these trailers; the greenscreen/CGI here is much more sophisticated than in other "virtual theatre" projects I've seen so far.  (See more by director Igor Golyak linked at the end of the Vimeo clip above). 

More at, including schedule and ticket links. 


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The Kill One Race

Is was filmed at Playwright's Horizon. 
It's free to watch.
It has seven episodes.
They are available until July 4th.
" Over the course of seven days, seven contestants compete in a social and ethical obstacle course to be proven the most ethical--and earn the singular prize of death. Replete with ice-breakers, speed dates, confessionals, sacred rituals, murder plots, and copious dancing, The KILL ONE Race is part-documentary, part-theater, and part-reality TV game show."
I no longer long for the old view!