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Started by scenicdesign71, May 07, 2020, 12:27 am

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This looks very interesting:

Partly I'm intrigued by the Pirandellian gimmick of Chekov characters wanting out of the gently depressive stasis (or, as suggested here, the latent cruelty) of his plays.

Even more so by the formal experiment, bringing together theatre, film and gaming/interactivity. (It looks to me as though this group may, in the crucible of this past year,  have made more progress than most along these lines).

But perhaps most of all -- because, without this, I'm not sure I'd find those other two factors quite as persuasive -- by the sheer visual polish evident in these trailers; the greenscreen/CGI here is much more sophisticated than in other "virtual theatre" projects I've seen so far.  (See more by director Igor Golyak linked at the end of the Vimeo clip above). 

More at, including schedule and ticket links. 


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The Kill One Race

Is was filmed at Playwright's Horizon. 
It's free to watch.
It has seven episodes.
They are available until July 4th.
" Over the course of seven days, seven contestants compete in a social and ethical obstacle course to be proven the most ethical--and earn the singular prize of death. Replete with ice-breakers, speed dates, confessionals, sacred rituals, murder plots, and copious dancing, The KILL ONE Race is part-documentary, part-theater, and part-reality TV game show."
I no longer long for the old view!


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Come From Away streams on Apple TV+ starting September 10:


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A little over a year ago I posted a link to Theater in Quarantine on this thread; at that point, performance artist Joshua William Gelb had already been livestreaming random acts of experimental microtheater from his East Village apartment closet for several months, starting almost immediately after the shutdown.

Since then I've managed to catch only a handful of TiQ's pieces online, but in that time Gelb & friends have amassed an impressive body of work.  This past spring they were the subject of an NPR feature, and just yesterday the NYT published a warm retrospective appreciation by Jesse Green.

I'm grateful to Green and the Times for bringing them back to my attention; TiQ was one of those streaming-theater projects that I'd meant to keep a regular eye on, but it had slipped my mind for far too long.  Also, after missing Heather Christian's Oratorio For Living Things live at Ars Nova near the end of March 2020, I'm grateful to TiQ and Theater Mitu for a glittering consolation prize of sorts: I Am Sending You the Sacred Face, a searching, whip-smart and altogether gorgeous thirty-five-minute "lip-sync drag musical" about Mother Teresa which has, in OFLT's stead, become my new introduction to Christian's work and should tide me over until Oratorio finally returns to the stage next spring.

IASYtSF - NY Times review:
IASYtSF - New Yorker review:
(Also check out this behind-the-scenes featurette:

...So I guess file Theatre in Quarantine somewhere in the general vicinity of Manual Cinema on my personal shortlist of pandemic godsends: both are unclassifiable multimedia performance-art miniaturists wringing a seemingly inexhaustible supply of beauty out of astonishingly limited means, with virtuosic skill and inventiveness.

Theatre in Quarantine's YouTube page, beautifully organized for hours of happy bingeing:


Barrington Theater Company's special concert by Aaron Tveit will now be available to stream.  The concert was on July 31st.

Streaming September 9-12

Due to the popularity of our SOLD-OUT concert starring Aaron Tveit, we'll be streaming Aaron Tveit Live! in concert. Singing beloved theatre, rock and pop favorites, Aaron's performance -- available for one weekend only -- is sure to delight.

Here's a preview of the concert.

I no longer long for the old view!


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I'm ordering in Seamless and about to watch Diana: The Musical on Netflix, because what else is there to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon in early October?

Okay, true: literally almost anything.  Has anyone seen it since it dropped on Friday?  If so, is it as godawful as it looks?  I guess I'll find out...

[Ed.: Yep, witless garbage.  Not on the WTF-level of Cats, as some of the British reviews, especially, have opined (though there is plenty here to cringe at).  It's just an awful lot of on- and backstage talent being criminally wasted on a piece of writing that never quite rises to the level of competent mediocrity, nor sinks to the level of enjoyable trash -- despite its unwarranted apparent confidence in the former, punctuated regularly by ineffectual flailings toward the latter.  I've long mentally filed the creators under Successful Theater Careers So Shockingly Undeserved It's Both Baffling And Offensive; their place on that list remains secure.]


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Check out Manual Cinema's slick new website redesign:

The holidays are approaching, and MC's Christmas Carol is back for a second year, streaming on demand from November 26 through January 3.