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Started by scenicdesign71, May 07, 2020, 12:27 AM

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NYT article about Arlekin Players and The Orchard:

Runs June 7 - July 3, in-person ($39-125) and streaming ($29), plus fees.
(Not sure about the fees for in-person tix, but the streaming option seems to carry only a single, refreshingly modest-as-these-things-go $1.65 "convenience fee" bringing the total to 30 bucks and change).

The opening has been pushed forward a week from the originally-announced May 31 due to Covid cases in the company.  Sending positive thoughts to Arlekin and the affected company members.



For at least a decade before SJS's death, I have from time to time wondered who would end up playing him in the inevitable posthumous solo play, and --more queasily still, at the time -- when.

Barely a year after, it turns out, though my vague sense of Hershey Felder's works -- admittedly sight unseen, thus far -- is that it might be a slight stretch to call them plays (or, in the Covid-streaming era, movies).

Regardless: Felder is, to no one's surprise, doing a Sondheim thing this December.  (Streaming tickets here; they want you to purchase the entire streaming "season", including pieces about Chopin, Liszt, Verdi and Mozart, among others; but as far as I can tell, that ticket link is just for the Sondheim "Premiere Musical Film Event" on December 18, plus a week of on-demand access... all for a mere $50).