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Started by KathyB, Oct 17, 2020, 09:18 PM

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I found this this afternoon and couldn't figure out where to put it. It's not really about any specific show, although Mandy Patinkin does talk about Sunday in the Park with George.



The May 2021 issue of Games World of Puzzles (which I just got in my mailbox) has a five-page interview with SJS about his love of puzzles. It talks quite a bit about Sondheim's history with crossword construction and about his puzzle collection. Unfortunately, Games is not very good about putting their stories online. If anybody is interested in reading the article, I'd encourage you to buy the magazine for $5. Or I can attempt to scan it. Now I have to decide if I'm actually going to do the puzzles in this issue, or if I should keep it as pristine as possible. (Fortunately, the article doesn't have any puzzles printed on the back of it.) One thing I learned in the interview is that SJS is one of the few people who have been a subscriber to Games since its beginning. (I've been a subscriber only since 1981.)

SJS was last in Games magazine in 1983, in an article by Dick Schaap. I have that issue, and it has crossed the country twice, having been sent to various Sondheads.


Here's the Games World of Puzzles article, which I scanned because I figure it's a fairly obscure interview and I thought people might like to read it.



Bits of this may be familiar from Lapine's HBO doc Six By Sondheim.

This episode of The American Musical Theatre originally aired on CBS on Sunday, October 15, 1961, three days before the original West Side Story movie opened.