19-NOV-20 Shoe Thursday

Started by DiveMilw, Nov 19, 2020, 03:26 pm

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I went back to Lord & Taylor to see if the shoe fairies found a match to the shoe I wanted.  They didn't work in the men's shoe department last night.   :'(  I could tell because the used pair of Merrill shoes which someone had "exchanged" were still on the shelf.  As was a belt I had pulled out from under a pair of shoes in a box.  I didn't put it with the other belts but left it on the shelf with the shoes.  I did find a pair of Cole Hann loafers which will work for work.  So the trip wasn't a total letdown.  I also dropped my suitcase and a crossbody bag off at the Tumi store so they could get repaired. That concludes my trip to the mall today.
I no longer long for the old view!


I went to the grocery store today and got Coke, salad, Parmesan cheese, Rice-a-Roni and potato chips. I should have gotten fried chicken. It was on my list to look for it, but I forgot. So I had salad for lunch, and I'm hungry again. I can eat the potato chips, but once I open them, the bag is not long for this world.

Another warm day today.