23-NOV-20 Mofongo Monday

Started by DiveMilw, Nov 23, 2020, 09:24 am

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It's an overcast day today with rain in the forecast.  It rained on and off last night into this morning.  More rain is expected this afternoon.  

I got Mofongo and a bunch of other things to eat for dinner last night.  Because I filled up on all the other things I only tasted the mofongo so will be my lunch or dinner tonight.  I am having trouble deciding if I want to save it for after work or eat it before work.  I'm leaning towards having it for lunch and then having a light supper.  I got the Pernil Trifongo which is "Shredded pork, layers of 'arroz con gandules' (rice with pigeon peas), sweet plantains and MofonGo with your choice of toppings"  I got all the toppings on the side.  The toppings include chimichurri sauce, mayo-ketchup, salsa.  

The other things I got are:
Alcapuria Bites - Yuca 'masa' (dough) stuffed with authentic 'picadillo' (ground beef) fried to perfection
Canoa - A whole plantain stuffed with your choice of seasoned beef, shredded pork or chicken topped with mozzarella cheese baked to perfection
Papa Rellenos Bites - Delicious bites of mashed potatoes filled with authentic 'picadillo' (ground beef)
and for dessert I got a Coquito cupcake (which I didn't eat yet because when I stopped at the grocery store to get seltzer water I also picked up a croissant with whipped cream and strawberries and ate that last night)
I no longer long for the old view!


Now I'm hungry.

Today is the warm before the storm. It's currently in the mid-60s outside, but it's expected to snow tomorrow. :o