30 December 2020 Wednesday

Started by KathyB, Dec 30, 2020, 12:24 pm

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It is Wednesday. Which means it's hump day, which sounds appropriate. I have enough prepared food to last me through the end of the week because I ordered from Noodles & Company last night (they were offering free delivery through the end of December). I ordered two bowls so I could put one in the refrigerator for the next day (which is now today), but the delivery was the wrong order. I called them and they offered to credit my account, and said I could reorder the same order, and they'd get it out to me. The second delivery, everything was fine, so I had a total of three bowls because they didn't tell me to send the incorrect order back. I ate the BBQ pork mac and cheese, and I've got pesto cavatappi and what looks like steak stroganoff leftover. I've also got some salad greens from last week's grocery order, so I can be somewhat healthy.

I would say that the delivery service from Noodles and Company is worth about what I paid for it. I gave them a rating of "good" because I figure that's the average between "poor" and "very good."


Good news: I have an appointment for a CT scan tomorrow, and it's only 1 mile away from my house, so it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get there.

Bad news: My homeowners' association dues are going up $20 per month. :o