2 January 2021 Saturday

Started by KathyB, Jan 02, 2021, 05:49 pm

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An unremarkable day, except for I think the ice in the street has melted by now, so it should be easier to get to the mailbox.

I was thinking of ordering Chinese food for delivery earlier today, but got too lazy and ate a salad (the greens needed to be used, also). I will probably order the Chinese food tomorrow, provided I can come up with $15 worth of food. Normally I get the lunch special, which is anywhere from $7.51 to $8.15 with tax, which I round up to $10 with the tip. Obviously, I need to fill out the order a little more, probably with both soup and a couple of appetizers. I am making myself want to order this food right now, so I'm going to stop.


If I were ordering, I'd get at least two lunches so I'd have some for later.  And then I'd add on some soup and other stuff.  Might as well get the most out of your delivery fee.   ;D
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