03-JAN-21 Snowy, Slushy Sunday

Started by DiveMilw, Jan 03, 2021, 06:48 am

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We are supposed to get a little bit of everything today.  Rain, Freezing Rain, Wintery Mix, Snow are all possibilities.  I may even get to use the snow blower later if the snow sticks.  My part of the state might not get much snow and it is supposed to turn to rain again so there might not be anything but slush to deal with.  It will make for an more cautious than normal drive home from work tonight.  

Other than that, I've got nothing to report.  Some of my co-workers have received their $600 stimulus direct deposits but I have not yet.
I no longer long for the old view!


The U.S. Treasury does not have my direct deposit information because I have owed them for the past three years, so I will be one of the last people getting a check, and I'll be getting one of the paper ones. I plan on using the $600 to pay copays and my deductible (which just reset itself with the new year). Doesn't that sound fun?

I am really hoping it doesn't snow much here for the next month or so. I am going to have a hard time getting around in anything over about an inch and a half (there was about an inch when I tried to take the trash out, and the snow was almost up to the place on the boot where my toes are exposed). Slush is a mess, especially when Ubers and Lyfts don't pull up close enough to the curb and I have to maneuver over it. :(

I went out to get the mail this morning, and the street was melted!