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Started by scenicdesign71, Nov 30, 2019, 03:40 am

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Photos of shows, that is.  Though you can always post pics on a specific show-related announcement thread, I thought I'd re-start the one from the old board where you can share production photos without starting an entire thread for the production.  Older pics from shows that have long-since closed?  Those can go here too.  Backstage candids, showing off your favorite costume?  Cool.  Rehearsal pics, poster art, your name in lights on the marquee... it's all good.


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...And to start with, here are a couple pics of the mural "backdrop" I painted in October for a since-closed play Off-Broadway, mentioned in the daily threads here and here.

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Left: bright-white frontal lighting.  Right: a more atmospheric color wash.
scenic design by You-Shin Chen, lighting design by Sarah Johnston, photos by yours truly.

The lighting featured several shock-cuts between these two extremes, among many other bold looks.  (The play is a surreal black comedy about a spectacularly unstable couple descending into addiction and madness, unfolding as two separate but interlocking he-said/she-said monologues).

Starting from a blank white wall, the mural took me twenty hours to paint, working from the designer's beautifully detailed and evocative rendering (pictured below, with my color notes and transfer grid overlaid on acetate):

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paint elevation by You-Shin Chen

I didn't get any pics of the climactic "blacklight" look, which revealed abstract, frenetic line-drawings laid over the entire image in invisible UV paint, but there's a nice one on the company's website:

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photo by Maria Baranova