BBC House of Cards

Started by mrssondheim, Aug 13, 2017, 04:50 PM

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Has anyone watched this?  How does it compare to the American version?
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It's quite different.  Francis Urquhart speaks directly to the camera regularly.  It is very witty and less grim.  F.U's wife is a very minor character and there is nothing about her adulteries or building her own power base separate from his.  The first season is followed fairly closely by the Netflix series; the journalist played by Kate Mara as played by Susanna Harker; but after that it diverges pretty dramatically.  The plotting is less intricate, the characters a bit less developed, the tone far less serious, but I like it very much.
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I am gonna check it out when. I am done with season 2. 

It looks to be less time consuming. 
A blank page or canvas. My favorite.