18 April 2021 Aggravating Sunday

Started by KathyB, Apr 18, 2021, 08:22 am

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I think I'm missing a tax form, so I tried setting up my account online with Vanguard. What a nightmare. They were supposed to send me a text verification code, but their automated code-generating system is just a bit delayed--by a few minutes, so I never could get coordinated with what text they were sending me, and I'd keep hitting the "resend code" link, and they'd send me another code, but it was several minutes later. The website eventually locked me out for too many incorrect tries :P , and I can't call Vanguard for help because it's Sunday. (I tried calling, which is how I know they aren't there on Sundays.)

They are trying to get me to sign up for all my statements online, and this is the main reason why I haven't done so and probably won't do so. It's frustrating when a company makes it so difficult to access them.

Anyway, how is everybody's Sunday going?