26-May-21 Post-Wrap Wednesday

Started by scenicdesign71, May 26, 2021, 02:35 pm

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...for me, anyway.  Our final day of filming on Monday was a light one, as was cleanup yesterday: each a scant, and easy, eight hours.  But my boss and her foreman went in for one last day today, so tomorrow will be Post-Wrap Thursday for them.

I have been grateful for the weather lately.  Even as temperatures began to rise during the days last week, my largely nighttime (and largely outdoor) work hours have been happily cool and dry -- and the few hot daytimes when we did work ended up being indoors and climate-controlled.  (Try as the powers-that-be might to schedule around weather, it never works out this well, so I count myself lucky).

Today's been hot, but I'm celebrating the end of the season by cranking up my a/c and catching up on some TV.  Also I finally did my taxes today, so I should be getting a nice refund sometime in the next few weeks.


A project that I thought would take one hour ended up taking four and a half. I missed my evening of watching PBS. At least I interrupted work to watch the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.

Now I get to start on a flyer for a parking space for sale. It is being sold for $52,000 plus a share of the HOA special assessment. At first I thought this sounded completely ludicrous, and then I remembered that people in NYC probably see this sort of thing every day, and most likely for a lot more than $52,000. I wonder if, once you own it, you're entitled to trick it out any way you want, such as zebra stripes.