6 June 2021 Petco Sunday

Started by KathyB, Jun 06, 2021, 07:54 am

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Last night I noticed the dog door was broken. It had worn out from years of weather exposure, and the plastic cracked so badly that the entire door flap broke off. So we're going off to Petco to get a new door once they open at 10:00. I am not sure how Bernadette will do around other dogs in a public place. She barks at other dogs and people when we're out for a walk. We just came back from a long walk, so we're both tired, which might make both of us less likely to snap at others.


The first Petco I went to didn't sell dog doors. They sent me to another Petco about seven miles away. I tried to find someone to help me there, and finally ended up standing in the checkout line. The associate at the register said they only had two people in, but if I wanted to wait until 11:00, there would be some more people. Since it was 10:53 at that point, I said I'd wait. Wile I was waiting, I tried to find the pet doors, and I did locate them and used their packaging to measure my door (I have a Medium), and then I still couldn't find anyone to help me, so I left to order the door online. I had seen doors on Petco.com, but I didn't know how to tell what size I needed. So I guess it wasn't a total waste going to two different Petcos, because I was able to get an idea of what size door I needed--plus, I can order just the door flap online without the whole thing, which will be easier to install and about $15 cheaper. The only problem is that I need to wait another week for shipping, which means I have this uncovered hole in my door. ( I can put the cover on the door so the hole won't be there, but Bernadette just learned how to use the door, so I don't want to take it away so soon and possibly confuse her.)