1 September 2022 semi-hot Thursday

Started by KathyB, Sep 01, 2022, 04:10 PM

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It felt really warm when we went out for our walk, but it's only 91°. It just seems hotter because there are no clouds and the sun is brutal. Also, there wasn't much shade along our walk.  :(

I am buying Coke like crazy because it's on sale for Labor Day for an excellent price. It probably won't be this low again until the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, both Safeway and King Soopers have a limit of four 12-packs per transaction. I know I shouldn't be drinking this stuff (my doctor basically thinks it's worse than about anything else one can put into their body, and I'm thinking that there are many, many worse things that I could be drinking). So if I get twelve 12-packs and drink one per day, that should last me 144 days, which is 4.8 months, which will not get me to Super Bowl Sunday--it will last until the middle of January. I know I'm spending way too much time thinking about this bad habit. (Again, I feel there are worse habits I could have.)

So, happy September to everyone.


To my mind, one can of Coke per day barely counts as a bad habit at all: only one a day would be a substantial improvement on my current average of two or three.