17 September 2022 Laundry Saturday

Started by KathyB, Sep 17, 2022, 01:24 PM

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I did two loads of laundry, prepared two boxes of papers for an upcoming shredathon, and picked up the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that spilled in the garage two times. I also made an appointment for Bernadette to get groomed because her tail fur is very much overgrowing the rest of her. Who knew that it takes three weeks to book a grooming appointment at Petco? Hopefully there won't be any cosmetological emergencies before October 6.


I worked what might be my last Saturday at the airport.  I say might because my manager hasn't seen fit to give me my release date yet.  This is ridiculous.  It is somewhat difficult to make plans when I don't know when I won't have to go to work.  When I spoke with him on Thursday he gave himself five days to get back to me with an answer.  That will be on Tuesday.  I asked for Friday to be my last day.  My co-workers would like to plan a going away pot luck thing but they need the date so they can plan it.   >:( >:( 
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