18-Sep-22 No More Procrastination This Morning

Started by DiveMilw, Sep 18, 2022, 07:06 AM

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AFter I post this I will stop procrastinating and go rent a U-Haul Box thingy.  I've been putting it off for an hour or so.  It is weird because once that is done it will be a major thing completed but it also makes me nervous as it makes my moving date that more more "real".  I still have so much stuff to do.  I keep reminding myself that every little step I take is still a step forward.  This move is daunting but I can get everything in place and make it successful!!  
I no longer long for the old view!


I have two more boxes of stuff to go through for the shredathon, which isn't until October 1, so I've got time. I didn't even touch the boxes today. I also need to locate my box of old income tax returns, which I DO NOT need to keep (that's how old they are) and prepare that for shredding. I have some idea of where that box is, and it's not someplace that's extremely easy to access, which is why I've been procrastinating on finding it and also why I have such extremely old tax returns in my possession. I could use the space that box is taking up for some newer tax returns, which I would like to get out of my filing cabinet so I have room to file other stuff. My whole life is about making room for other things.