22 September 2022 Happy Fall

Started by KathyB, Sep 22, 2022, 01:24 PM

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This morning I spent about an hour going through the boxes of paperwork that I am trying to get rid of for the shredathon. I wanted to reduce five bankers boxes and one accordion file to two kitchen trash bags of stuff to be shredded, but that is not going to happen, so now I'm hoping I can reduce it to three trash bags worth. I threw a bunch of stuff in the recycle bin this morning, but there is too much of it that might have sensitive information.  :(  :P The goal is to make a spot in the garage where I can put new boxes full of stuff that will eventually get to an age where it needs to be shredded.

Other than that, the day's not going too bad. I took Bernadette to Costco to get gas and to McDonald's to get breakfast. 


Well, it's technically Friday now, but tonight (Thursday) my Curious Incident... finally opened, and it has been an ordeal that I won't even delve into here -- easily among my top five craziest theater experiences, with a strong claim to the #1 spot.  Under the circumstances, I sadly can't claim any real pride in my own contribution (such as it was) to the show.  But at least it's over with, it's more-or-less watchable, and the opening went off more smoothly than might have been expected.  It runs through next Tuesday, and I will have to decide whether to bring my mom and my brother (who's in town for a visit) to see it this weekend.

It has at least one thing to recommend it: a real live dog (not to be confused with the dead one of the title, a distressingly plausible prop staked with a pitchfork to a small patch of fake grass).  Answering to the name of Jim, he is a game and utterly charming griffon-poodle mix who appears onstage for all of sixty seconds near the end of the play.  I don't know if I've ever seen a show stolen with quite such understated graciousness and aplomb.

I will miss being back in the Village, and especially those burgers at Paul's, where I've become a regular over the past week -- more so than I ever was back when I was a student at NYU.  In fact, upon revisiting my more-usual downtown-diner haunt of yore, just to change things up a few days ago, I was shocked to realize that this other joint's longstanding (30-odd year) claim as my personal pick for the best burger in NYC has now been eclipsed by Paul's.