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From BroadwayCon 2020:


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B'way's new Harry (Christopher Sieber) and Sarah (Jennifer Simard) on marital jujitsu, and the real kind, in this week's New Yorker:



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Company's producers have opened a web store where you can buy show merch while waiting for the show to return sometime in the indefinite future.

And I somehow missed this ad last October, or at least failed to post it here.  It includes publicity footage of Ms. Lenk as Bobbie (shot before the B'way production began rehearsal, but in what appears to be full costume, hair and makeup), intercut with clips from the West End production; snippets of that production winning Best Musical Revival and Best Supporting Actress (LuPone) at last year's Olivier awards; and soundbites from SJS, Ms. Elliott, and designer Bunny Christie (whose set also won an Olivier):


D.A. Pennebaker's 1970 doc Original Cast Album: Company has been streaming on the Criterion Channel for the past month or so, but I'm excited for it to be released on Blu Ray hopefully sooner than later.



This is a month old, though still not quite as out-of-date as it ought to be in a year -- or a world -- that wasn't quite so jaw-droppingly awful.

But late or not, it clearly needs to be on this forum, and this thread is as good a place as any (with apologies if it's already been posted on some other thread previously):