Sondheim at Williams College

Started by scenicdesign71, Jun 12, 2022, 04:48 AM

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Works cited in this article:

Sondheim Celebration (Kevin Kaska & Luis Steward; Berkshire Symphony, Mar 11, 2022).

"Sondheim@90@Williams" alumni concert (Mar 6, 2020) and symposium (Mar 6-7, 2020).

Sondheim in Our Time and His (Oxford University Press: Feb 25, 2022).

"Stephen Sondheim, The Art of the Musical", SJS interviewed by James Lipton in The Paris Review Issue 142, Spring 1997.  (excerpted from Sondheim's 1994 episode of Lipton's Inside The Actor's Studio).

Our Time (Ilya Khodosh & Omar Sangare); "devised" play, based on materials in the Williams archives, about the years (1946-50) SJS spent as an undergraduate there, performed Mar 5-14, 2020 at the Adams Memorial Theatre on campus; reviewed (unfavorably) here; program here; SJS video interview used in the production here.


NPR: A rare recording of a musical by an 18-year-old Sondheim surfaces

..."Rare" being a slightly relative term in this case, as -- according to the folks on FB -- this recording has been making the rounds for years among the most dedicated Sondheim collectors; and for the rest of us, "How Do I Know?" appeared on one of the Sondheim Sings albums in 2005.

Straight off the bat, Phinney's Overture announces itself with premonitions of Fredrika's piano figures in "The Glamorous Life" and the Tin Pan rag accompaniments of "That Old Piano Roll" and "Who Wants To Live in New York?".  I'm sure there are plenty of other later echoes, but those jumped out at me immediately: