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Variety:  First Trailer for 'Maestro' Finds Bradley Cooper Embodying Composer Leonard Bernstein

Neither Sondheim nor Laurents is currently listed as a character on the film's IMDb page.
But Jerome Robbins is.  (Played by Michael Urie, no less).  So make of that what you will.


Spoilers, I guess?, albeit so vague and general that they not only spoil almost nothing, but hardly even justify the article's existence, under this or any other headline:
(Your mileage may vary).

NYT - Venice Film Festival: All Your Questions About Bradley Cooper's Maestro Answered

The gist: Kyle Buchanan got to go to Venice and see the Bernstein/Montealegre biopic love story three months before its US release, and you didn't.
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Also, there's a dream ballet.

I found Bilge Ebiri's mixed-but-intriguing Vulture review (linked in Buchanan's teaser) much more informative, though still not to a degree that I'd call spoilerish.

More reviews here (currently rated 93% Fresh on RT).


Interesting profile of the the sculptor and prosthetic-effects designer Kazu Hiro ...

The New YorkerThe Makeup Artist Behind Bradley Cooper's Prosthetic Nose

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(Jason McDonald/Netflix/AP)

And an interview with Cooper ...

The New YorkerBradley Cooper on Lenny, Lenny's Nose, and "The Hangover" Part 4