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Ten years on, Southwark Playhouse's 2013 UK production of Titanic is getting the Fathom Events treatment, with "a live stage capture ... to be screened at more than 700 movie theaters nationwide on November 4 and 8."  I'm assuming it was recorded sometime this year during the production's 10th-anniversary UK tour.

Broadway revivals have been rumored for at least a decade now, from the smaller "chamber ensemble" version developed by OBC member Don Stephenson at the Hangar Theatre in 2012 to the Signature Theatre's 2016 environmental staging; indeed, the Southwark production itself was at one point planned to come here.

In 2014, Manhattan Concert Productions reunited most of the original Broadway cast, under Stephenson's direction, for a one-night-only concert staging at Lincoln Center, but, with its full cast, 200-strong chorus and 120-piece orchestra, it was obviously a one-off event.  And so far as I'm aware, no serious thought was ever given to moving the infamous Serenbe Playhouse's 2018 environmental outdoor production -- though it's intriguing to imagine what a similar, site-specific staging might look like at the real-life RMS Titanic's intended destination, Pier 59 in Chelsea; or perhaps at the actual arrival point to which RMS Carpathia brought the survivors, Pier 54 in Greenwich Village.

Next June, Encores! will conclude its 30th season with a concert staging featuring Bonnie Milligan as Alice Beane, the role created in 1997 by her Kimberly Akimbo castmate (and fellow 2023 Tony-winner) Victoria Clark.

Last year Theatermania ran this 25th-anniversary feature, with Yeston and Clark sharing memories of the original production: