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Started by Chris L, Jun 21, 2017, 11:53 AM

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I loved the concert. I expected more Christmas stuff given the date but what he did was wonderful. A great mix. I thought the sound mixing was a bit of a problem. His voice was periodically drowned out by his band. This has been a problem with amplified music at Disney Hall in the past.

He has performed in LA before at the Valley Performing Arts Center. He mentioned it at this concert. What he was nervous (and excited) about was appearing at Disney Hall specifically -- maybe because it is primarily a classical music venue and therefore might attract a more discerning audience, or because it is a rather daunting, if beautiful space.

Here he is doing The Who's "Christmas" in a new video.


My opinion is that it isn't quite their best, but it's great to have this to listen to right now.

Hester Jean

I agree,  Kathy.  If this was my first experience with the Decemberists, I don't think I would be the fan I am. I only listen to the whole album once so far, but I was underwhelmed.  

But I still love them!



Little Fish - such a great score!
Self indulgence is better than no indulgence!


The man is brilliant, in my opinion.


A friend sent this to me in digital files. I can't believe that this record is going for $200 at Amazon!
It's interesting. I normally wouldn't think of listening to something like this, but I'll listen again.


This is my favorite recording of the score, even though the OBC is updated with a lot more music. It's also my favorite Evening Primrose out of the three I have.




I guess nobody else ever listens to anything. ;)


I'm really digging this one. It's got four songs from Big River on it, including John Goodman reprising his original "Guv'ment," which sounds no different than it did 32 years ago. Also, standout tracks from Lyle Lovett, Kacey Musgraves, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Brad Paisley. 


I love(d)  Cheryl Bentyne as part of Manhattan Transfer, and I don't mind the couple of jazzy solo albums that I have, but her interpretations on her new cd 'reArrangements: the Music of Stephen Sondheim' are quite difficult to listen to. I know 'jazz' strays from the original but in this album she seems to be taking us so far away that we totally lose the original. >:(


I'm listening to the Decemberists. Particularly "Lake Song" from their terrific album What a Terrible World What a Beautiful World. The lyrics are so great I have to post them

"Down by the lake
We were overturning pebbles
And upending all the animals alight
And I took a drag
From your cigarette and pinched it
'Tween my finger and my thumb
Till it died
And the sun burned low on the radio

Say that you will
Say you will or will you won't
Or you whatever you prevaricate
Your whole life, don't you?

This much I can say:
I would've waited till the oceans
Fell Away and all the sunken cities
Would reveal themselves to you

But you won't, will you?
Because you never do
And the sun burned through
Sweet as honeydew

And I
Seventeen and terminally fey
I wrote it down and threw it all away
Never gave a thought to what I paid
And you
All sibylline, reclining in your pew
You tattered me, you tethered me to you
The things you would and wouldn't do
To tell the truth I never had a clue

Now we arise
To curse those young suburban villains
And their ill-begotten children from the lawn
Come to me now
And on this station wagon window
Set the ghost of your two footprints
That they might haunt me when you're gone
And when the light broke dawn
You were forever gone

But I remember you:
You were full
You were full and sweet as honeydew

And I
Seventeen and terminally fey
I wrote it down and threw it all away
And never gave a thought to what I paid
All sibylline, reclining in your pew
You tattered me, you tethered me to you
The things you would and wouldn't do
You noticed how I never had a clue
Never had a clue
You were full and sweet as honeydew
You were full and sweet as honeydew

Chris L

I've loved The Decemberists since Amy and I saw them at the Greek several years ago. Of course, I've never uploaded videos these to YouTube.

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Who'm I kidding? I uploaded a shitload of them to my YouTube channel. The group has never complained (YouTube has informed them of the existence of the videos and allowed them to post advertising on them), so they're still there.
But us, old friend,
What's to discuss, old friend?