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Started by fjlumia, Oct 20, 2017, 11:04 AM

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The Sondheim works section asks about the 5 favorite Sondheim shows.  What about favorite or best plays you have seen?

I have several memorable plays, all for different reasons. 
     Inherit the Wind with Paul Muni and Ed Begley was very well done
     The Diary of Anne Frank with Joseph Schildkraut was super.
     The Royal Hunt of the Sun with David Carridine and Christopher Plummer was fascinating.
     The Pleasure of His Company was a delightful drawing room comedy with Cyril Richard, Charlie Ruggles and Walter Abel.  It even had a memorable curtain call.  Abel come out first and after bowing, went to the bar to mix drinks which he handle to the others as they took their bows.  It was a perfect ending to a delightful evening.
     Charles III was very interesting and well acted.
     Bathing in Moonlight (McCarter) was the best argument against priestly celibacy I've ever heard.
     JB (Chicago) was amazing.  The audience stopped breathing at the end of Act i and took a collective sigh as the curtain came down.
I'm sure I could think of more but these are just a few memorable plays