28 November 2017; Grammy nominations

Started by KathyB, Nov 28, 2017, 01:30 PM

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So, what does everybody think about there being only three nominees for Cast Recording/Musical Theatre Album?

I think it's a travesty, seeing how there were so many good cast recordings released last year—I'd say there were more good ones last year than there have been in a few years. Groundhog Day, War Paint, Amélie and The Great Comet all could have been nominated.

(There are only two Grammy categories I care about, and this is one of them. Although I admit that there have been so many new categories added and categories renamed that I'm not even sure what's what any more.)

By the way, does anybody know exactly who gets the Grammy for a cast recording? I assume the recording producer(s), but does the composer get anything? The show producer?


Elsewhere on the web someone said there weren't enough cast recordings released this year to "merit" 5 nominations.  So it isn't a matter of quality, it is a matter of quantity.  I believe the magic number is 40 and there were only 30-something.  
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