30 November 2017 -- We're moving (sort of)

Started by AmyG, Nov 30, 2017, 07:42 AM

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At about 4 PM PST today, I'm going to change the name server for our domain from the Dotster hosting service I currently use to my own server on Digital Ocean. All that is going to happen when I do this is that my server will now be responsible for telling the internet what specific location (IP address to get technical) is associated with sondheimforum.com. But for now, it will just point back to where the site currently resides on the Dotster server. I'm warning you in case something goes wrong and the site goes down or looks wrong for awhile. But otherwise, nothing will change.

Some time in December, I'm going to move the entire site over to my new server on Digital Ocean. When I do this, I'll put the forum into maintenance mode for a very short period of time so nobody posts to the old site while I'm making the change. It really should just be a matter of minutes but you never know. Something could go wrong. I'll give fair warning before I do this. 

That said, essentially, nothing should change for you all. The link to the site will still be the same. For me, this is kind of major. I now have my own web server just like the Clintons. :D I have a lot to learn about running a server but I have a genius friend who is helping me with everything. Since I do web design for both my full time employer and freelance clients, it's great to know how to configure the server those sites are running on. You just have so much more control when you know about that stuff. And I'll be able to host websites for other people too. So if I design a website for someone, I can host them and get a steady stream of revenue from it. And they'll save too because I won't charge as much as other hosting services.

Bookman George

Amy, thanks for letting us all know. And thank you a thousand times over for all you have done to get the Sondheim Forum back up and running. And thanks to Chris, too, of course. You both deserve gold stars, lots of them, in my opinion!!

Chris L

Amy deserves all the gold stars on the technical end. I just try to keep the posting going -- and haven't been too successful lately, but I'm going to try to put on an extra push. (If anybody wants to start some new threads, don't hesitate!) Amy has done an extraordinary job getting everything set up and will be doing even more now. This forum wouldn't exist without her.

Our cats, Max and Lola, have helped too, but primarily with moral support.  :cat: :cat:
But us, old friend,
What's to discuss, old friend?


Good luck with the move, Amy!!  How exciting.  Our online home is getting its own home.                                                                                                                           
I no longer long for the old view!