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Started by Leighton, Jun 25, 2017, 02:05 AM

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Quote from: DiveMilw on Aug 03, 2017, 02:10 PMI finished!  That was extremely entertaining!!  I hope we don't have to wait too long for season 2.

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Was the ending a tribute/nod to "Broadcast News?"  It had to be, right?

I wondered the same thing about the ending...

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Broadcast News is perhaps my singlemost favorite movie from that time period, and I can't believe that GLOW's apparent reference to it could be that spot-on purely by accident.  It's not a shot-for-shot recreation of James Brooks's original sequence -- Bash's mad dash with the videotape, from editing bay to control room, doesn't include as many balletic near-misses as Joan Cusack's (he tends to simply run into people), nor as much injury to himself (ditto) -- but I'm assuming it is a deliberate homage.


Interesting New Yorker profile of GLOW exec producer (and creator of Weeds and OITNB) Jenji Kohan, by Emily Nussbaum:


Season 2 has arrived.

Fun!  fun fun fun.

I don't necessarily agree with (a good many of) the critics raving that it's even better than Season 1.  But neither is there any real dip in quality -- both seasons are simply first-rate.  Unlike last year, however, this season really did seem to me to fly by too fast: I'm almost sorry I binged it in five hours yesterday, leaving myself with another long year to pine for Season 3.

Interesting side note:  it turns out that Episode 204 -- praised by one reviewer as GLOW's single-best episode to date -- was co-directed by John Cameron Mitchell.  Plus, Betty Gilpin can sing!

Despite a passel of well-deserved nominations last year, the first season won only an Art Directors Guild award for Excellence in Production Design (which, yes) and a Satellite Award for Alison Brie (ditto).   These ladies -- and Marc Maron, while we're at it -- need some Emmys.


I just recently noticed that GLOW's writing team includes everyone's favorite logorrheic Smash recapper and high priestess of Sondheimas, Rachel Shukert!
Which, come to think of it, sounds just about right: