June 25: Sunday

Started by Meldince, Jun 25, 2017, 02:17 am

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I'm always vaguely wary that because of the time difference between the States and here in Ireland that I'm cheating a little by pouncing on starting the daily thread while everybody on the other side of the Atlantic is either asleep or partying, either of which presumably is taking precedence over posting on this new-yet-not-new board. However, it's not cheating as much as it would be if it was 2am here and still Saturday there so I guess I'll allow myself the luxury of the self-indulgence (was that a tautology?) of starting the first Sunday thread, given that it's the featured day of my favourite show.

So as I sit here a mere 13 hour drive from La Grande Jatte, only 1,091 km from where I am, I realise that I have very little to say at this time that I feel is terribly interesting or relevant. So instead I want to take this opportunity, if it hasn't been taken yet (although I imagine it has - I haven't read all the posts yet) of thanking Chris and Amy for taking the time to get this little forum going again. For various now-unimportant reasons I had stopped posting on the old board, but lurked occasionally, and I was always moved to see good wishes on my birthday from people who I knew only virtually and through our communications on here. So a most heartfelt thanks guys, and here's hoping it snowballs and takes off.

Nothing like starting your Sunday with a good mixed metaphor.
You keep moving on.

Chris L

Thanks, @Meldince! We're happy to have the board back again ourselves.

By 8 a.m. your time the entire U.S. should be into the next day (except for Alaska and Hawaii, which will still have two hours to go). However, since the majority of our posts have been coming from the UK anyway, you can probably go ahead and start the Daily Thread earlier without getting too many complaints. ;)
But us, old friend,
What's to discuss, old friend?


Good morning everyone!!!!  Love having the board back.  Thank you Chris and Amy!  I hope it gets as busy as it used to be...
A blank page or canvas. My favorite.

Chris L

You're very welcome, @mamarose! I think as long as our currently active members keep posting the way they have been, it will gradually draw in more reluctant or shyer posters. I'm especially interested in hearing from people who are new to the community and hope that they don't feel shut out by the bonds that already exist beween members. If you're new and have something to say, or even if you just want to say hello, I encourage you to post. Not that I don't want to hear from you long-time members too. I'll always consider you part of my extended family.

(On a personal note, it took me years to realize why I really needed the original FTC in my life. I finally understood it when I met a woman in her late 30s whose husband had died in a motorcycle accident. She had started hanging out at a local bar in Virginia, first to drink and then because she had been adopted by a group of dart throwers who hung out in the bar for informal competitions. They became her extended family. I came to Sondheim.com eight months after my longtime companion Sue had died and did much the same thing, except that I kept the beer next to my computer and my extended family was in cyberspace. I keep a soda next to my computer these days, but I still want to be in contact with my extended family, through Facebook and through this board, which is as close as Amy and I can come to recreating our old bar, er, board. ;) )
But us, old friend,
What's to discuss, old friend?


What a Sunday.

So a Verizon tech got confused and said someone would come out Sunday (but meant to say MONDAY, they don't come out on Sundays).

Pissed me and my "home bound" roomie.

Whilst waiting to go to an evening reading I was accosted by an 18 year old drunk (stoned?  high?) girl at Pride who demanded to use my cell.  My refusal caused name calling (and I replied "Oh honey I've been called much worse by better people") and then slapping and punching in an attempt to get me to touch her so she can tell a cop.  She eventually went away.