Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Started by DiveMilw, Jun 27, 2017, 02:07 PM

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This is my favorite show right now.  I LOVE it!! 
Netflix now offers an option to "skip into" and I never do even though I risk having the them song stuck in my head for hours. 
I want to say much more about the show but I don't think I can put together coherent thoughts.  I just want to gush about
how great it is. 

(Grace & Frankie used to be my favorite Netflix show and Kimmy somehow came in and stole first place.  In fact, I'm rewatching Kimmy when I haven't even finished watching season three of Grace and Frankie.  Also, an all time favorite TV show of mine, MST3K has legacy and new episodes on Netflix and I prefer Kimmy to them.  That is how much I enjoy the show.)
I no longer long for the old view!


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I loved this last season. 1) Lemonading *should* be a verb. 2) there are 3 Lindas in my HR, and 3) I have a crush on Daveed Diggs now.


Oh god. Now the theme song will be stuck in my head all weekend. Thanks a lot.

But seriously, I haven't had time to watch season 3 yet, but from everybody's reactions it sounds like it was amazing! We definitely watched the first two seasons 3 or 4 times through and still found new things to laugh about!

And Lisa Kudrow at the end of season 2 was just... perfection.


I adore this show!!!  So much talent!  So funny!  I want to live in that building with them! "Rubbing Alcohol.  You don't tell me how to use you!"
A blank page or canvas. My favorite.