July 2 2017

Started by Gordonb, Jul 02, 2017, 08:41 am

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It's a beautiful warm and sunny but not too hot sort of day here.

The lasagne is prepped and sitting awaiting its hour or so in the oven... there'll be a bottle of something red to be opened at just about the same time.

"On the Town" yesterday afternoon was just marvellous; front row centre just where @David likes to sit,  so sweat and spit a'plenty - it's a very energetic show with some delightful young performers and Maggie Steed (my friend Thelma's best buddy) flying the flag for the oldies! The music is sublime and for once I actually enjoyed the dance sequences because the music is so wonderful. We had a drink with Maggie and Jack her lurcher after the show.

Wimbledon starts tomorrow together with the annual argument about whether to call it Henman Hill or Murray Mound!

Are you all on long weekends right now? The Americans amongst us I mean.

Hester Jean

Sounds lovely,  @Gordonb !

I don't have a long weekend. 🤐 I have to not only work tomorrow,  but Tuesday also! But I do have Wednesday and Thursday off. I was going to drive to Denver for a wedding,  but decided not to go. I turned back in Friday and Monday vacation days and kept Wednesday and Thursday,  mainly because I have a room booked in Hermann (a town on the Missouri River, about 2 hours away) Tuesday night.  So I will drive out after work and have a mini trip.


Quote from: Hester Jean on Jul 02, 2017, 09:58 amI was going to drive to Denver for a wedding,  but decided not to go.

:( :( :(


Morning all.  The plague in our household continues. But there is coffee in my future and some furry babies, so outta bed I go!
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I have to work as well.  This week I am off Thursday and Friday.  Then a quick five days of work and heading down to NYC after work on the 12th.  My best friend, Dori, will be in town (visiting with one of her friends) so I'm visiting the two of them!  They have quite the line up of shows to see and because Dori's friend kept changing her mind as to which shows she wanted to see I have tickets to Groundhog Day and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I'm also joining them for a Brooklyn Pizza tour.  I will have a three day "weekend" in the city and then back to the grind.

As far as working this holiday, it could be worse.  July 4th isn't a big air travel holiday so our flight schedule is reduced and the passenger loads aren't crazy.  That will all change on Tuesday when we will be back to the usual summer travel madness.  This two day respite is quite enjoyable!
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I have to work tomorrow.  And it will be without much sleep tonight because the