The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Started by AmyG, Apr 08, 2019, 01:33 pm

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I just finished binge-watching this show. I didn't watch with @Chris L mostly because we have a number of things we are watching together and also because sometimes I like to have something I can watch alone while he's playing a game or doing other things. I'd watch it again.

It was really good but very disturbing and sad. I've known people like this. The lying part, not the killing part (I don't think). Darren Criss turned in a great performance. I also loved Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace. Did Donatella ever look that good?  ::)

Unlike the OJ season, which I also thought was excellent, I hadn't heard many of the details surrounding this murder and knew nothing about the other victims or Andrew Cunanan, the murderer. Maybe that's why it took me awhile to finally catch up with it. It's now streaming on Netflix so it's commercial-free which is a big plus. 

Has anybody else here watched it? Thoughts?


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I haven't yet; it's been on my list, but I've been uneasily avoiding it precisely because I've heard and/or read that, while excellent, it's disturbing and depressing.

There's also the time investment; makes a handy excuse, anyway (it took me about a year, for that reason, to get around to Netflixing The People v. O.J. Simpson).

And, not least, the violence, for which Murphy has a sometimes upsetting knack; though I've enjoyed the few seasons I've seen of American Horror Story, it did get under my skin more than once.  And he does seem to get me particularly squeamish about violence committed either against or by gay characters (or, as in this case, both).