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Jesse Green considers Follies on its approaching 50th anniversary:

Also, Ben Brantley recalls being thunderstruck, at 16, by the original 1971 production.

And Green and Scott Heller have fun dream-casting a hypothetical 2046 75th-anniversay revival, although, among their choices, only Justin Vivian Bond as Carlotta really excites me (and Bond, now 57, may be a bit too long in the tooth for the role by then; could someone please make this happen sooner?).

Speaking of which, I'm glad I'm not the only one to have wondered: is "I'm Still Here" really meant to be Carlotta's Follies number from back in the day, or is it more of a "book" song describing her life since then (and if the former, how is that even possible?)  Or is it somehow both?


Carlotta's original number ("Can That Boy Foxtrot!") of course was her Follies number.

Yes, "I'm Still Here" is a book (non-diegetic) number.

For the London 1987 "Revisal" is was changed to a Follies number.