7 May 2020 Desperate times call for desperate measures

Started by KathyB, May 07, 2020, 04:04 pm

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I just applied for a full-time job because I lost one of my freelance clients today. Right after I lost them, I got one of those e-mails from LinkedIn telling about various jobs available, so I started perusing them, and there were a couple I believe myself to be qualified for, so I applied to one of them. I am not sure I want a 40-hour-a-week job plus another 10 hours commuting, but I don't really need to work my freelance career into my work time any more, because it's basically gone with that one client gone. Really, it's just the commute that is going to make me very unhappy. Although who knows what's going to happen, since I was the 152nd person to apply for this job, and I have no idea what it pays. This is something neutral for today--neither positive nor negative, although it arose from a negative event.

And now I have no desire to do anything except sit around and surf the Internet.