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Started by fjlumia, Jul 30, 2017, 05:04 PM

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The networks have little to watch so we are on Netflix or Amazon plus the premium channels.  Some shows that we like and can recommend are:
Broadchurch--a British cop show set in a small town on the English Channel.  It is very well written.
Grace and Frankie is wonderful with a good cast--
I was watching something called the Last Kingdom which I liked--bloody but set in 9th C England  It tries to be Netflix's answer to Game of Throne.
If you have never watched White Collar, I can recommend it.  The pilot is very well written and the show is well done.
Kimmy Schmidt is funny, dumb but funny and I love Carol Kane!

On Amazon, check out Mozart in the Jungle.  Just started watching The Last Tycoon.  Interesting.  Also check out The Americans--really good show.

I'm sure I've forgotten other good shows.


If you are a movie fan you will like some of the touches of the Last Tycoon.  Names from the 1930s are dropped often.  Irving Thalberg, LB Mayer are characters and Frank Capra, George Jessel, and James Wong Howe are walk ons.  Another character is Frances Goldwyn, the wife of Samuel Goldwyn and the grandmother of Tony Goldwyn.  If you know these names you will like the show even more.  Kelsey Grammar and Matt Bomer are good in the main roles and I do hope Amazon produces the next couple of season.

Chris L

The worst Netflix news I've seen recently is that Disney, which had a deal to put all of their properties on Netflix, is now withdrawing to start up a streaming channel of their own. I guess Disney has enough material for it -- not just their dozens of animated films but the Marvel and Star Wars properties -- but as a couple of people noted when I posted this on my Facebook feed, the world of streaming is getting as bad as cable. We already have Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and CBS All Access, which have most of what we want to see, but adding another streaming subscription (unless Disney makes it really cheap or something you can add on temporarily to your Hulu account) would put us back in the neighborhood of what we were paying for Dish before we cut the cord.
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