6-NOV-20 Sunrise Friday

Started by DiveMilw, Nov 06, 2020, 07:01 am

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Good Morning!!

Today I woke up and saw the sunrise.  I was a few minutes late but I caught most of it.  It was very pretty coming over the mountains.  I'll try to post a couple of photos.  

My allergies seem to be improving a little bit.  Maybe I'm acclimating to the drier air out here.  I may purchase a room humidifier to help me when I sleep.  I'll leave it here so it will be available the next time I visit.  I already plan on buying a laundry basket so my dirty clothes aren't in a heap on the floor.  And I'm going to get a cheap bathrobe from IKEA today which I will leave in "my" bedroom.
I no longer long for the old view!


How calming (and how early)! Where I live, the sun sets over the mountains, so I don't need to get up nearly as early.