17-NOV-20 Cold Tuesday

Started by DiveMilw, Nov 17, 2020, 08:45 am

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Just like yesterday, I underestimated how cold it was outside and didn't wear appropriate clothing.  I went to the Senior Center to pick up some stuff for my mom.  They have "grab-and-go" kits to accompany the online classes and talks they now give since they can't do in-person.  Our town was doing free, walk up COVID testing in the parking lot so I figured I'd take advantage of it.  I thought my t-shirt with a button down shirt over it would be enough to keep me warm but the breeze made it more uncomfortable than I anticipated.  Once I starting moving around (sort of marching in place and being extra fidgety) I was fine.

I will wear a jacket when I go into work this afternoon.  We got kicked out of the parking garage yesterday.  We now park in a lot next to the airport.  It can be really windy on the walk to the building so even if it isn't cold you need a windbreaker so you don't freeze.  

Also, other than being in AZ last week, I don't have a reason to get tested.  I got tested before I flew home but since cases are spiking I figured I would be extra cautious and get tested again. (and the incubation period is long enough that if I got exposed towards the end of my visit I wouldn't test positive until now)
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