18 November 2020 Warm Wednesday

Started by KathyB, Nov 18, 2020, 04:13 pm

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In contrast to Cold Tuesday, (which we didn't have here), today it was in the mid-70s, and I definitely did not need a coat when I went out to get a bagel.

I've been sitting here for eleven minutes trying to think of what else there is to say about today, but besides the weather and the bagel, that was about it for extraordinary events.


Today was Very Cold Wednesday here.  
It was also find 1/2 of a pair of shoes for work at Lord & Taylor Day.  They have 50% off shoes because the store is closing.  I got one pair but wanted to get two.  The shoe department is a mess.  There was one shoe in my size sitting by itself on a shelf. I searched and searched but couldn't find it's mate.  I was told the part-time employee on the evening shift try to match up all the shoes.  I might stop by tomorrow and see if the prodigal shoe returneth.
I no longer long for the old view!


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I too had a bagel yesterday. It was the first I'd had in some time, especially now that bagels are no longer part of the regular breakfast spread at work.  (Post-pandemic, our breakroom snacks have been limited to prepackaged single-serving items which are thought to be less chancy as vectors for contagion. In practice, this means chips, energy bars, nuts, cookies and the occasional Pop-Tart).

I had been on location on Minetta Lane on Tuesday, and was then serendipitously able to stay overnight with a friend in the West Village before returning to the same location early Wednesday, thereby chopping yesterday morning's commute down to a pleasant five-minute walk.  Better still, after such a lovely evening, I was able to stop by Bagels on the Square just as they opened, picking up a large coffee and a fresh, piping-hot poppy-seed bagel with cream cheese.  Even if bagels hadn't become a relatively rarity for me lately -- and even if, in the rush of drinks and conversation, my friend and I hadn't entirely forgotten to eat any dinner Tuesday night -- I think that freshly-baked bagel would have qualified as a treat.  But given both of those "even-if"s, it was ambrosial.

That Minetta Lane location was filmed last night, so I'm headed back there once more in exactly one hour to restore it (I reluctantly returned home to the Heights after work yesterday, thinking an early night and a change of clothes would probably be good even if my buddy were willing to put me up for another night).  So I'm thinking another quick stopoff at Father Demo Square, for another bagel, is in order.

Father Antonio Demo was a pastor at a nearby church in the early twentieth century.  He died in 1936, and the square was renamed in his honor five years later.