24 December 2020 The holiday lull

Started by KathyB, Dec 24, 2020, 01:26 pm

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I have a bunch of appointments to make, except I can't make any of them until I get phone calls from some doctors' offices, and it seems a lot of places are closed today. :o 

I did get groceries delivered from a friend's Amazon Fresh account (or whatever it's called), and it was so great to have someone bring the groceries to me at the door, including some unwieldy things like a 24-pack of Coke. They have free delivery with orders over $35. Well, free plus tip, and I believe this driver earned a big tip. I need to ask my friend how much she tipped the driver when I pay her back. Hopefully I've got enough food for a while. Another friend brought over some Mexican takeout yesterday, and I plan on eating those leftovers for dinner.  (Chicken enchiladas--yum)

So I seem to be OK for the short term, short of being able to make doctors' appointments. I'm slightly worried about how this is going to work out for the next month or so, when I know I'll need to pick up a couple of prescriptions, and I wonder if I'm still going to have this boot on when I go in for a completely unrelated medical procedure in the middle of January.

Chicken enchiladas...


I'm glad you are all set for a few days, Kathy.  I was wondering how easy it would be to drive with the boot, if you're able to drive at all.
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