Started by DiveMilw, Aug 08, 2017, 03:05 PM

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Has anyone seen this, either in London or NYC?  I will be attending on Saturday night along with some friends.  It's a 9 p.m. curtain!  Hope I can stay up that late.  I also hope I don't faint.  Early on there were reports of people (person?) fainting because the show is so intense.
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I'll be interested to hear your opinion, Tom. Dan and I both wanted to see this.
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I saw it in London; rather visceral! I liked it though (if that is the right word ... maybe admired it?)
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My thoughts (for now):
  • It is quite an intense play.  It is the story of Winston and how he came to think subversive thoughts and what happens when he does.  That is much to simple but I'm really bad at writing a synopsis.  
  • There are a LOT of flashing, almost strobe lights.  That could be why people fainted.  Also, the violence is pretty starkly presented although I wouldn't stay totally realistic. (like in a movie)
  • You really aren't sure what parts of the story you are seeing are true right up until the end.  It is very unsettling and very effective.  
  • At one point, one of my friends (who had been drinking) said loud enough for my other friends sitting four people down from him, "It's the Apple Store".  
  • A good chunk is presented via video ala the "Big Brother" TV show which is really funny now that I think of it.
  • The pre-show sound is wonderful.  It is totally repressing and gets you in the correct mood/frame of mind.  It is a low tone which is unnerving but you might not notice it if you're talking with friends.  You'll just start to feel uneasy and not really know why.  
  • The play does a fantastic job of making you disoriented and confused. As you struggle to figure out what is real and what is in Winston's head and what thoughts are being put in his head you might start to understand what happens to someone who is being brainwashed.  
  • The more I think about the show the better I like it.  I'm not sure I'd rush to see it again because it is intense and uncomfortable.....but it is those things in a good way.  
I no longer long for the old view!