28 May 2021 Testing Friday

Started by KathyB, May 28, 2021, 02:44 pm

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Let me see if I can upload the picture here.

Drat. I'm going over to the testing thread.


I get this lovely message whenever I try to upload a photo (Safari on a Mac):

 There was a problem during the uploading of IMG_0252.jpg.
Due to an error, your attachment could not be uploaded. Please contact the forum administrator if this problem continues.
 2.9 MB

Are the forum administrators even taking messages, or have they left the three of us to fend for ourselves here?


They sign in from time to time.  Did you put a message on the testing thread or the one to report issues?  Either way, I'll message Amy on FB and let her know.
I no longer long for the old view!


Try again, Kathy. I increased the max file size. I didn't realize I had to do it in two places.  :dog:


I let a new member in. Of the 318 who applied, he was the only one who looked legit. He's been waiting since March. probably gave up.


Yippee! It worked!

You cannot see attachments on this board.

Currently there is a barrage of barking going on near the window.


What a pretty girl!!  And fierce, sounds like!  :-* :-* :-*


Aww. She's beautiful. So happy for you!