11-JUN-21 Full Friday

Started by DiveMilw, Jun 11, 2021, 05:39 am

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I took a sneak peak at how full our flights are today and we are full, Full, FULL in my city today.  We had a nice break at the beginning of the week but now we are back to extremely full flights.  On the plus side that means that the day will move along very quickly. 

This is also my last day of working a mid-shift for a while.  For the next 7 days I'll be on the closing shift.  I'm hoping to be able to catch up on some streaming TV and movies during the next week.  We used to have a glorious three hour break in our arrival schedule in the evenings.  That is no longer the case so I'll have to see what I can fit in.  I may watch In The Heights at work since I won't be able to see it in a theater (probably) until after I finish this stretch of closing shifts.
I no longer long for the old view!


It's Vaccination Friday today. Bernadette got her shot for canine influenza, and she also got a heartworm test and a general wellness exam. The veterinary staff fell in love with her and said she was very sweet. They have not seen her savagely attack a pair of underwear. I'm glad she did well.