2 September 2022 Yummy Friday

Started by KathyB, Sep 02, 2022, 02:51 PM

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I went to Safeway to get Coke, and they had 8 pieces of chicken on sale. I got the baked chicken, which I prefer to the fried, but I'm just fooling myself if I think it's got fewer calories, because they both come with skin on. The baked does reheat a lot better than the fried does. I was hungry, because I ate half the chicken for late lunch. Although the wing and the drumstick aren't really very large pieces... Anyway, now I've got tomorrow's lunch waiting for me, unless I eat it as a midnight snack.


Yum.   :)

I had a yummy Friday as well: the catering at work has notably improved this season.

Apparently Lionsgate -- which co-produces my show, and owns the brand-new stage space into which we recently moved -- has decided to start its own in-house catering operation at this new studio, rather than leaving it to each production to subcontract that work to a freelance caterer (as has been the case on every other union film or TV gig I've ever worked on).  They have a good-size street-level restaurant space, with a full kitchen, right on campus.  And they are doing their own baking, y'all: fresh croissants on the daily?  Mini-cinnamon buns??  How am I even supposed to...?

Anyway, I've been resisting as much as human possible (I got one intoxicating whiff of those cinnamon buns and beat a hasty retreat), but.

And then after work I had to go down to NYU for the Curious meeting I'd been vaguely dreading all week, and came away stymied by just how nice everyone there is these days, so I'm feeling at least temporarily less anxious about that project.  Then to celebrate the end of the week, I stopped by one of my old college haunts and had my third burger this week (, he admitted sheepishly, after those two lunches on-location in Harlem): a juicy half-pounder that has only, if possible, somehow improved in the decade or two since I last ate there.  (This is no minor feat for a place that's been appearing regularly on best-burger-in-NYC lists ever since it opened its doors in 1989, one month before I moved here).  It's a good thing I hadn't really eaten anything else today other than that croissant, and some cashews, and a can of Coke, at work this morning.

Oh, and also some perfectly crispy bacon and roasted new potatoes.  Sigh.

I will practice some cosmic gratitude for my nice week by actually getting some work done on Curious over the three-day weekend.
Perhaps I'll get into a virtuous cycle and do something really nuts, like clean my apartment or eat an actual vegetable.


Potatoes are vegetables. :)