13-SEP-22 Countdown to Oct 3rd

Started by DiveMilw, Sep 13, 2022, 05:19 PM

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Why Oct 3rd, you ask?  Because Oct 3d is the start date for my new job in Dallas, TX.  I am still working for the same company but will now be a ::cue trumpets:: Corporate Instructor.  I'll be doing what I was doing this spring plus teaching other classes as well.  I report to work on the 3rd and start teaching a class on the 4th.  The student's book is now online and there have been some other changes so this could be a bit challenging.  I hope I am teaching with another instructor but I know they have been solo teaching so I might not have that "cushion" of another person in the room.  I am very excited and not a little bit scared!   ;D

PS - Remember when I traveled to Dallas for the day a couple of times last month?  And I said I might have news.  I flew down for the interviews.  And this is the news. ;)

PPS - So, I guess this means I can call myself a cowboy now?  ;D
I no longer long for the old view!


Congratulations, Tom!