Turtle Bay

Started by scenicdesign71, Apr 19, 2023, 07:34 AM

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"Turtle Bay" seemed like the title most likely to make this a broadly-useful thread in the future; I thought of naming it after Miss Hepburn, but as far as I'm aware, being neighbors for decades only ever yielded surprisingly few anecdotes -- as most of us have probably heard, they were never exactly BFFs.

The link below was posted on the FB group, and as far as Sondheim/Hepburn-iana goes, this article includes links to several other nuggets.  It also includes a nice potted history of Turtle Bay itself:




WSJ:  Stephen Sondheim's Longtime New York Home Sells for $7 Million

Includes yet another breathtaking real-estate-porn slideshow.  And:

"[Listing agent Michael] Franco declined to name the buyer, but said the purchaser is a Sondheim fan based in New York City who plans to make the Midtown townhouse his primary residence. [...] Franco said the house sold quickly because of its notable history and because it was well-priced."