3 December 2017

Started by KathyB, Dec 03, 2017, 12:42 PM

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It's Sunday, and instead of football, I've been watching a Create TV marathon of comfort foods. I had my own comfort food for lunch as well, going across the street to the Asian market and picking up some Vietnamese egg rolls. And I did laundry this morning.

One of these days I'm going to have something extremely exciting to report when starting a daily thread, but today is not the day.


I'm in good company then!  I went to work and left early.  I gave the second half of my shift to another employee so I could leave early so I could get home early and........go to bed early!  Travel is truly a glamorous business.  ;)  The reason for my leaving early is a 5 AM start time tomorrow.  I'm not upset about that.  It could have been 3:30 AM.  Five o'clock is practically sleeping in!   ;D

The most exciting thing I did today......I went and got boxes of Kleenex to restock our supply at the ticket counter.  And I got locked in one of the bathrooms at work.  Someone had removed the handle on the inside part of the door.  Once I got in I couldn't get myself out.  I had to call a co-worker to open the door from the outside.  That was a bizarre call to make....and it was pretty weird for the person who answered the phone.  To top things off, someone had been smoking in the bathroom because it reeked of smoke.  (We put a sign on the bathroom door to warn others not to use it.  This was a public bathroom in the airport terminal.  Then I called airport ops to give them a heads up.)
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