04-DEC-17 Monday - the new 2nd Friday

Started by DiveMilw, Dec 04, 2017, 01:31 PM

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Since I'm working 7 days in a row today is my second Friday of the (work)week!  Tomorrow will be my 3rd and final Friday.  I'll have two days off and then a short three day "week" before my next weekend.  My ever changing schedule is nice in some ways because my days off are varied and that gives the potential for doing more things.  But this month it is mostly annoying because most of my days off are Monday and Tuesday and not much goes on those days.  
I no longer long for the old view!


Tonight I'm planning on checking out "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" on Amazon Prime, mainly because my local PBS station is in the middle of another two-week (if not longer) pledge drive. If it's any good, I'll put a review up in the TV thread.

I just came back from buying gloves because I misplace my touch-screen gloves every year. I got a pair of Isotoners because they were 50% off (and because maybe I'll take better care of something that I spend a little more money on?).