Pacific Overtures with Chromolume Theater Company

Started by mrssondheim, Dec 18, 2017, 12:37 PM

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Chris and Amy saw this production this last weekend and liked it. I am going on Saturday and will report back. They got a huge Times write up so I am excited to see it and to support James E. I don't think he is on here yet.

Anyhoo, I am very excited as I do love this show and haven't seen a lot of us saw our own Donna M. as the reciter. 

I wish there were peeps in town that I could meet up with on Saturday, but perhaps in future.

A blank page or canvas. My favorite.


Enjoy! Chris and I both liked it a lot. It's a small stage but I think they use the space really well. James did a great job directing and there are some top notch performances. 

I have never seen it live on stage. I've only seen a bootleg film of the Japanese production that was in Chris's DVD collection. Chris saw the Signature production but I did not. I didn't even know you guys when that happened. 

Sorry we did not coordinate this with you, Aileen, but then if we did, you couldn't get our thumbs up before taking the long drive to see it. I miss you though and hope we can see you soon.