2 January 2018

Started by KathyB, Jan 02, 2018, 10:55 AM

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Welcome to the first Tuesday of the new year!

I am planning on spending it doing laundry, and then going grocery shopping! Trying to make it sound exciting! Maybe take advantage of the somewhat warm temperatures here (unlike much of the country) and get the car washed.

Nope, it still doesn't sound exciting. Hope you are having a better Tuesday.


You had a better Tuesday than I, Kathy.  I filled up the car's gas tank and then went to work.  Woo-Hoo!!   :P  Work was annoying because nearly every flight was late.  Some of the delays were maintenance related, some crew availability related, but the most annoying ones were our flights to and from Charlotte, NC.  For some reason Air Traffic Control routed them differently today and they were flying a much longer route than normal.  This caused us to do a LOT of rebooking.  But we had plenty of staff today so it wasn't nearly as bad as it might have been.  
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